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Austrian Meat and Bread

Big Box of Wurst - 1.3KG Sausage Pack - Nürnberger, Wiener, Landjäger

£34.99 incl tax

A perfect mix of delicious sausages - ready for your fridge or freezer!

Käsekrainer-style & Leberkäse 1.95KG Meat Pack - Cheese Sausages & Meatloaf

£34.99 incl tax

750g of Beechwood smoked sausages filled with creamy Emmental cheese & 1200g of mouthwatering spiced meatloaf. Made in the traditional way!

Stastnik Arlberger Dauerwürst - Smoked Sausage from Lower Austria

£7.99 incl tax

The Stastnik Arlberger is a classic Austrian long-life sausage. Made with raw spices and gently smoked, it has a wonderful unique taste

Käsekrainer-style Wurstl - large cheese-filled Frankfurter sausages 750g

£10.99 incl tax

Beechwood smoked sausages filled with creamy Emmental cheese. Melts in the mouth!

Landjäger Salami Sausages - 200g

£4.99 incl tax

Smoked with beech wood, this semidried sausage can be eaten cold or warm as part of a hearty meal

Leberkäse - Meatloaf 400g

£1.00 incl tax £4.99 incl tax

A delicious and mouthwatering spiced meatloaf made with pork and beef. Made in the traditional way!

Nürnberger Bratwurst White Sausages - 200g

£5.99 incl tax

Made in Nuremberg, Germany and protected by the exclusive "Protected Geographical Indication". How many will you eat in one go?!

Vienna-style Beef Wurst Frankfurter Sausages - 500g

£8.99 incl tax

Frankfurter sausages inspired by the Wiener sausage culture.

Austrian bread basket by Zuckermaus - 1.75kg of Bauernbrot, Kletzenbrot, Salzstangerl and more!

£28.49 incl tax

Real Austrian breads here in the UK? Finally, yes! Price includes shipping.