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About Us

Starting in February 2020 (yes, bad timing pre-lockdown), Austrian Food UK Ltd was set-up by husband and wife team Erich and Elina. We were inspired by our Omi and Opa (grandma and grandad) who we frequently visit in Bad Gastein - a beautiful and mountaneous region in Land Salzburg. They have a passion for Austrian food and drink that is totally inspiring. Their passion is infectious and has passed onto us - so we want to do what we can to make delicious Austrian produce easily available across the UK. Find us by email, on Instagram, Facebook or hosting a market stall in London! Speak to us in English or Deutsch - uns ist eigentlich Wurst!

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We love Austria and have been going for the past 25 years.
We always try and bring soup and sausages back with us, along with stegil and kaiser bear.
Keep up the good work
Why didn't I bring sunglasses to the top of the mountains?! I paid for it with the glare!