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"Daheim ist Daheim" 2.0 Austrian Collection

£39.99 incl tax £37.99 incl tax

By popular demand! Our hand-picked Austrian favourites in a bundle. There is no place like home!

Manner Mozart Mignon Schnitten 300g

£3.99 incl tax £3.49 incl tax

Waffles with almond hazelnut cream filling.

Manner Knusper Müsli - Original Muesli Cereal - 500g

£6.99 incl tax £5.49 incl tax

Now it no longer is cheating when you eat Manner for breakfast!

Manner Schnitten Cocos - Coconut Flavour (pack of 4)

£5.49 incl tax £3.99 incl tax

This sweet contains five layers of tender wafers and four layers of the finest coconut cream to create the ultimate delicacy. A rare treat in the UK!

Manner Schnitten Neapolitan Wafers - Lemon/Zitrone

From £1.29 incl tax

A wonderfully fruity blend of lemon and wafer.

Manner Schnitten Neapolitan Wafers - Original Schnitten

From £0.99 incl tax

Five layers of tender wafers filled with four layers of delicate hazelnut cocoa cream, containing 12% hazelnuts in the cream.