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"Daheim ist Daheim" 3.0 Austrian Collection

By popular demand! Our hand-picked Austrian favourites in a bundle. There is no place like home!
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Dahoam is Dahoam or Daheim ist Daheim is an Austrian and Bavarian saying meaning: there is no place like home! Opa's (grandad's) favourite saying when we take him anywhere!

This collection will make you feel connected to the Austrian Alps! Perfect as a gift or to re-stock your kitchen cupboard :)

Each bundle contains:

  • 1 x Casali Rum Kokos 175g - place them in a beautiful bowl to wow your friends (before you realise you ate them all yourself)
  • 1 x Manner Schnitten wafers - Original - hazelnut cocoa cream wafers that have you wanting more!
  • 1 x Manner Schnitten wafers - Lemon - tangy and delicious. We dare you to stop after just 1!
  • 1 x Julius Meinl Buonaroma ground coffee - Vienna has a rich coffee drinking culture. This coffee takes you to the essence of the baroque 'Kaffehaus' culture.
  • 1 x D'Arbo Forest honey (500g) - Wild and wonderful
  • 1 x D'Arbo Wild lingonberry (Preiselbeere) sauce (400g) - like a cranberry sauce, but wilder! Perfect accompaniment to meats and fish. Or go full Austrian and have it with Schnitzel!
  • 1 x D'Arbo extra fruit preserve -  Rose Apricot (200g) - 70% fruit! Utterly authentic and delicivious
  • 1 x D'Arbo extra fruit preserve - Blueberry (200g) - 70% fruit! There is nothing quite like this. Our best seller!
  • 1 x Hofbauer Mozartkugeln - Mozart Balls In Dark Chocolate 100g
  • 1 x Styrian Kren - sharp to cut through salty sausages and tasty sandwiches
  • 1 x Stiegl Senf - Beery and dreamy mustard - made with real Stiegl!
  • 1 x Mautner Estragon Senf - the must have popular Austrian mustard!
  • 1 x Knorr Fritatten soup (pancake strips soup just like on the Alps!)
  • 1 x Knorr Grießnockerlsuppe soup (4 nockerl in each pack)

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