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Knorr Spätzle / Nocken - 200g Austrian pasta dumplings

Austrian accompaniment to Gulasch, roulades or other saucy or cheesy dishes
Producer/Brand: Unilever Austria GmbH
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To be honest, we don't call it "spätzle" in Salzburg - we call these nocken but it's all the same! Our favourite is a dish called "Kasnocken" - a yummy cheese and onion dish best served in a big pan surrounded by friends.

The spätzle are quick and easy to prepare and provide 4 portions (or 2, if you are greedy, like us!)

Ingredient and Allergens:


Allergens: eggs and gluten

Preparation instructions:

1. Add contents to 2L of boiling salted water and simmer for 15mins without the lid. 2. Remove from heat and cover for 5min. 3. Drain, rinse with cold water and toss briefly in a frying pan with cooking oil.

Nutritional Information:

100 Gramm
Energy544 kj / 128 kcal
Fat1,2 g
of which Saturates0,7 g
Carbohydrates24 g
of which sugars1,3 g
Fiber1,2 g
Protein4,9 g
Salt0,02 g