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Soletti Salzstangerl - salted Austrian pretzel sticks

Nibble nibble nibble and they are gone!
Producer/Brand: Kelly Gesellschaft m.b.H
SKU: 2015
£3.99 incl tax

Oddly marketed in Austria as being like a "fleeting kiss" and something that helps make "flirting" easy, these popular snacks are low in fat (3.1%), really tasty and - well apparently - help complete your love life.*

*no promises on this part

They are made with 100% Austrian flour and rock salt. They are made in the Styrian town of Feldbach.

250g Pack


WHEAT FLOUR, salt, rapeseed oil, sugar, yeast, WHEAT MALT, acidity regulator (sodium hydroxide).

Allergens: Gluten, May contain traces of SESAME and MILK COMPONENTS.


Per 100g:

- Energy: 387kcal

- Fats 3.1g

- Saturates 0.3g

- Carbohydrates 73g

- Sugars 0.7g

- Salt 4.5g