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Kotányi GmbH

Johann Galler Str. 11 2120 Wolkersdorf Austria

Country of origin: Austria

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Kotányi Edelsüß SPEZIAL Paprika UK

Kotányi Edelsüß SPEZIAL Paprika - Extra Special version of Austrian paprika for goulash

An extra special paprika that is highly aromatic with a distinct fruity tinge and a pleasant spicy edge
£3.99 incl tax
Bauernbrot spice UK

Kotanyi Bauernbrotgewürz - Austrian rye / sourdough bread spice mix

Perfect for Austrian rye and sourdough bread
£3.29 incl tax
Picture of Kotanyi goulash spice mix

Kotanyi goulash spice mix

Add some easy and warm spice to your goulash!
£2.49 incl tax
kotanyi liptauer

Kotanyi Liptauer Spice Mix

Kotányi Liptauer is great for adding a delicious kick to Liptauer dip, curd cheese, bryndza, sour cream and cream cheese. It also tastes wonderful with pretzel sticks, soft pretzels or dark rye bread.
£2.99 incl tax
Kotanyi Schweinsbraten Gewürzsalz – Austrian Roast Pork seasoning & salt mix

Kotanyi Schweinsbraten Gewürzsalz – Austrian Roast Pork seasoning & salt mix

There's nothing quite like roasted pork, Austrian style. It all becomes so simple with this authentic seasoning and salt mix
£2.99 incl tax
vanillezucker uk

Kotanyi Bourbon Vanillezucker - Vanilla Sugar 3x8g packs

You'll love Kotányi Bourbon Vanilla Sugar. The taste of traditional Vanillekipferl, puddings and cakes!
£1.49 incl tax
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